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Keg On the Move: How KegSpeed’s Tracker Revolutionizes Keg Management


Keeping track of kegs is a logistical nightmare for restaurants, bars, breweries, and other businesses in the beverage industry. According to Brewer’s Journal, each US brewery loses between 3%-5% of its kegs each year due to kegs disappearing into the ether. But KegSpeed is aiming to solve this problem once and for all with their innovative new keg tracker.

KegSpeed is pioneering smart keg management with their tracker module that utilizes advanced technology to provide real-time location monitoring through a mobile app. This blog post will introduce readers to how KegSpeed’s tracker works and the many benefits it provides beverage businesses and personnel through increased efficiency, cost savings, and taproom insights. Read on to learn how KegSpeed is revolutionizing keg management.

The Problem with Current Keg Tracking

The beer industry has long struggled with inefficient, error-prone methods of tracking keg inventory and shipments. Most breweries and distributors still rely on manual paper-based systems to log every keg’s location and status. Employees must document each keg movement in a ledger or spreadsheet. This tedious process leaves room for many mistakes:

  • Kegs can easily get lost or misplaced without up-to-date tracking. Breweries often lose 1-3% of kegs per year.
  • Inaccurate manual records lead to huge discrepancies between supposed inventory and actual keg stocks. Some estimate Inventory shrinkage costs distributors over $10 million annually.
  • Outdated information means breweries cannot optimize keg reuse, often purchasing new kegs unnecessarily.
  • Drivers must phone or radio in each delivery status update, costing time and introducing mistakes.
  • When problems arise, breweries struggle to find missing kegs or determine who had custody and is responsible. Disputes often ensue.

Overall, antiquated manual keg tracking systems cost the industry dearly in lost kegs, damaged relationships, and unnecessary expenses. Breweries and distributors need accurate, automated tracking to optimize operations. The KegSpeed Tracker aims to solve these issues and bring keg management into the 21st century.

Introducing the KegSpeed Tracker

KegSpeed has developed an innovative tracker module to revolutionize keg management. The KegSpeed tracker is an active radio module powered by a long-life battery. Despite its small size, the tracker module is designed to be durable and weatherproof, so it can withstand the demanding conditions of keg transport and storage.

The tracker is compact, only about the size of a bottlecap, so it can be discreetly attached to any keg without affecting the keg’s normal handling or usage. Its sturdy plastic casing protects the internal electronics, battery, and antenna from moisture, shocks, and vibration. Special rubber gaskets seal the module and prevent the ingress of water, dust, and grime.

This robust, miniature tracker module is at the heart of the KegSpeed system. By harnessing the module’s active radio and integrating it with mobile software, KegSpeed provides an automated solution to precisely track keg inventory in real-time.

How the KegSpeed Tracker Technology Works

The KegSpeed tracker represents a revolutionary leap in keg inventory management and visibility. At the core of the system is a proprietary, active radio frequency module that is powered by a long-life battery designed to last for years.

This miniaturized module is easily attached to kegs and communicates in real-time with GPS satellites. The module sends frequent location pings via cellular networks, enabling KegSpeed users to view all kegs mapped on a mobile device app.

In addition, the tracker leverages Bluetooth technology. When a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device comes in proximity, the tracker can communicate directly with the app. This allows for granular visibility down to the street address level when kegs are in transit or at a venue.

The combination of GPS and Bluetooth provides comprehensive real-time visibility. Personnel can instantly see where kegs are located, down to the exact pedestal or table location if desired. This gives managers and sales reps unparalleled oversight of their keg inventory from anywhere at any time.

Benefits for Users

The KegSpeed tracker provides numerous benefits for users across industries that rely on keg management and logistics. The flexibility and convenience factors are what set this innovative system apart.

For sales teams, the tracker allows real-time visibility into keg inventory levels at all customer locations. Sales reps can instantly access data on their phones to verify if a customer needs a delivery or if they have enough stock on hand. This improves operations by optimizing delivery routes and preventing unnecessary trips.

The system also assists with streamlining inventory management. Managers can view all keg assets and track each keg from distributor to delivery to return. This provides accuracy on keg quantities and locations at all times. When kegs go missing, the tracker pinpoints their last known location to aid in recovery.

In addition, users can easily confirm successful deliveries and returns. The tracker provides verification when a keg reaches the intended destination or returns to the distributor. Thisproof of delivery minimizes disputes and ensures proper billing.

Drivers also benefit from the conveniences of tagging each keg with a tracker. They no longer need to manually count and check-in each keg, saving time at each stop. With real-time tracking, if a delivery route or schedule changes, drivers can adapt on the fly.

By equipping kegs with this advanced technology, KegSpeed substantially improves operations, inventory management, and delivery verification for all users. The tracker provides flexibility and enhances convenience in day-to-day keg logistics.

Use Cases Show the Flexibility of KegSpeed’s Tracker

The KegSpeed tracker provides versatile solutions for businesses in the beer industry. Sales representatives can conveniently monitor their keg inventory levels and locations at all times. For example, Amy, a sales rep at Mountain Ale says:

“With KegSpeed’s tracker, I always know where my kegs are, so I can efficiently plan my delivery routes and make sure no customer runs out of stock.”

Delivery drivers also benefit from real-time tracking. John has been driving for Mountain Ale Distribution for 5 years. He explains:

“I used to spend so much time tracking down misplaced kegs or finding the right kegs for each delivery stop. Now with the KegSpeed system integrated in our trucks, I just pull up the app and instantly see where all the kegs are located. It makes my whole day run smoother.”

Whether you’re a sales rep, delivery driver, or run a taproom, KegSpeed’s innovative tracker gives you full visibility into your keg inventory at all times via mobile and GPS.

Competitive Advantages of the KegSpeed Tracker

The KegSpeed Tracker stands out from other keg management solutions due to its proprietary technology and modern approach. While some companies still rely on antiquated manual tracking methods or basic RFID tags, the KegSpeed Tracker leverages innovative new tech to solve an age-old problem.

Specifically, the tracker contains a proprietary radio module and long-life battery which facilitates accurate location tracking via mobile device GPS and Bluetooth. This presents a cutting-edge alternative to outdated processes, removing friction through automation and digitization. No longer is manual tracking or counting required, saving customers time while generating far richer data.

The Tracker also contains proprietary algorithms to enhance location accuracy when leveraging mobile device GPS and Bluetooth. KegSpeed has patented elements of the technology to maintain their competitive edge. The Tracker seamlessly integrates with the KegSpeed platform and apps, providing an end-to-end solution.

By focusing research and development efforts on proprietary innovations, KegSpeed has developed a unique offering that modernizes keg management. The Tracker provides advantages over alternatives relying on manual approaches or basic commodity hardware. KegSpeed understands the value of intellectual property and protections to maintain their leadership position.

Vision for the Future

The KegSpeed tracker represents the beginning of an exciting new era in keg management. By leveraging cutting-edge IoT technology, KegSpeed aims to continue expanding the tracker’s capabilities and integrations to enable even smarter, more efficient operations.

Looking ahead, KegSpeed envisions additional sensors and analytics to provide granular data about keg contents, pressure, temperature, and more. This will allow for unprecedented levels of keg monitoring to reduce waste, ensure freshness, and improve quality control. Direct integrations with breweries’ and distributors’ systems could enable automatic reordering triggered by low keg levels.

Another goal is to add capabilities for monitoring environmental conditions during transport. This would help ensure ideal temperatures are maintained and allow tracking of shocks or impacts, improving accountability.

By continuously enhancing the hardware and software, KegSpeed seeks to provide the most advanced keg tracking solution available. The vision is to eliminate manual monitoring and paperwork to provide breweries and distributors with real-time visibility and data to optimize their operations. This has the potential to revolutionize keg management across the industry.

The KegSpeed tracker is just the start, with many more innovations to come. The future looks bright for smarter, streamlined keg logistics from breweries to bars to consumers’ glasses. KegSpeed aims to make that future a reality.


The KegSpeed tracker represents an innovative leap forward for keg management. With its active radio technology powered by long-lasting batteries, the tracker provides unprecedented visibility into keg locations through integration with mobile devices and GPS.

For beer industry professionals, the benefits of adopting KegSpeed’s solution are immense. Sales reps can instantly locate any keg in their inventory, improving efficiency on deliveries and pickups. Operations managers gain real-time tracking of assets across the supply chain. Delivery drivers no longer need to hunt down missing kegs or make unnecessary trips.Together, these capabilities enabled by KegSpeed translate to significant time and cost savings.

The technology behind the tracker showcases both ingenuity and reliability, from the robust hardware to the flexible software integrations. As keg tracking moves into the future, KegSpeed has positioned itself at the forefront by leveraging the latest IoT and mobility innovations.

To learn more about enhancing your keg management with KegSpeed’s innovative solution, request a demo today. See firsthand how our trackers can boost productivity, increase revenue, and transform your operations.

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