About KegSpeed

KegSpeed is an innovative logistics company with multiple patents around the world, empowering breweries and distributors with smart trackers for their kegs.

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About KegSpeed

KegSpeed is a new, advanced keg tracking system.

KegSpeed has developed patented, cost-effective tracking solutions for kegs.

The KegSpeed system uses everyday smartphones, providing remote inventory of full and empty cooperage at breweries, at distribution warehouses, and at every vendor.

KegSpeed is wireless, automatic and real-time. Unlike RFID, our solution works well with palletized stacks of metal kegs and requires no specialized reading equipment. Unlike bar codes, our solution is automatic and requires no manual scanning.

The KegSpeed tracker is an active radio, and the battery lasts at least five years. By using local cell phones, the KegSpeed system is usable world-wide and across borders, regardless of local radio infrastructure.

KegSpeed measures the performance of each of your accounts. KegSpeed reveals where your kegs are and how long they’ve been there, throughout the entire distribution chain.

World-Wide Presence

KegSpeed has trackers around the world!

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