Content Deletion

KegSpeed Account Deletion

KegSpeed values the privacy of its customers and visitors.  This Account Deletion Policy document describes how to submit a request to delete your account and any personally identifying data.

Ways To Contact Us

  1. If you are a paying customer and want to terminate your account, please contact us through your account management page.
  2. Inside the app you can choose to “Delete Account” in the app settings. This will delete any information associated with the email address being used to login to the app.
  3. If for some reason neither of the above are possible, please use the main contact form on our site to send us a message telling us you would like us delete your account and any personally identifying data. You must give us an email address to contact you by, and you must reply to our message verifying you own the email address.  At that point we can remove any personally identifying data associated with that email address and/or account.

Privacy Policy

Please refer to our main Privacy Policy page to understand the types of information we collect and how it is used.

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