Track your kegs in real-time.

KegSpeed tells you in real-time where your kegs are, how long they have been there, and what is in them.

KegSpeed Smart Keg Tracker
Smart Kegs

Effortlessly track and manage your kegs in real-time

KegSpeed is a patented smart-keg technology that revolutionizes the way breweries and keg distributors monitor their kegs. With our innovative solution, you can effortlessly track the physical location, age, and capacity of your kegs in real-time, ensuring optimal efficiency and control over your inventory.

Take the guess work out of managing your keg inventory

Tracks each keg remotely

KegSpeed tracks each keg remotely from fill, in coolers and through distribution, to being tapped at a vendor, emptied and returned.

KegSpeed is automatic

KegSpeed is automatic, wireless and real-time, with no manual scanning required.

Knows the age of every keg at every vendor

KegSpeed measures when your kegs arrive, how long they stay at each account, and the performance of each of your handles.

Gives real-time metrics

KegSpeed gives real-time metrics about how long each keg has been on tap, and historical trends for each handle.

Monitor your cooperage

4% – 5% of your kegs go missing every year. In an average turn of 90 days, less than 10 days are spent actually selling product. KegSpeed tells you exactly what your kegs are doing.

KegSpeed Tracker

The KegSpeed App

Inventory Management at Your Fingertips


Age of Keg

The color of each map icon indicates how long the keg has been at the location. This can be customized for each type of product.


Tailored Metrics

The time a keg is at a location can help monitor sales activity or product age, if it has a limited shelf life.


Multiple Locations

Kegs are grouped by location, and you can then drill-down to see what's specifically at that location.

KegSpeed App With Locations


Find Nearby Kegs

The search feature will find all of the kegs "nearby you" at your specific location.


Product Management

KegSpeed keeps track of which product is in each keg, and how long since being filled.


Inventory Management

Determine where your empty kegs are and how many full you have of each product.

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